Top 12 Best Sublimation Printers [2024]

If you are looking for best sublimation printers rich with easy to use and economical features, then your problem is solved, and I’m sure you will be able to get sublimation printer of your choice from here. The products I have enlisted here are in high demand nowadays. People around the globe are using these printers not only for designing their clothes but also for many other purposes like printing on paper and plastic items. So, if you are running a business printing, then it must value in your business and highly recommended. 

The working principle of sublimation printers is very easy and handy. At first, we print the design on paper and then print it on the shirt or any other thing by applying heat. You can perform all these procedures of printing within minutes. Below, I enlisted the top 12 best sublimation printers based on many extraordinary features. Like these printers are mobile responsive, automatic print a page from both sides, big scanning glasses, etc.

Our Top Picks

Epson EcoTank ET-2720

Epson ET-4760

List of 12 Best Sublimation Printer

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Color: White
Note: Print for up to 2 years
Check Price
backpac Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Color: White
Note: Easy-to-fill, and supersized ink tanks
Check Price
cordlessblower Epson EcoTank ET-8550 Color: White
Note: Cartridge-free printing for lab-quality photos
Check Price
cordlessblower Epson SureColor F170 Color: White
Note: Easy to Operate
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cordlessblower Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 Color:White
Note: Perfect sublimation printer for the hobbyist
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cordlessblower Epson SureColor F570 Color: White
Note: Cartridge-free printing for lab-quality photos
Check Price
cordlessblower Epson ET-4760 Color: White
Note: Dramatic Savings on Replacement Ink
Check Price
cordlessblower Epson WorkForce WF-7710 Color: Black
Note: All-in-one printer can print, scan, copy and fax
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cordlessblower Epson Workforce WF-7210 Color: Black
Note: Performance Beyond Laser
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cordlessblower Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 Color: White
Note: Prints with higher resolution
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cordlessblower Canon Selphy CP1300 Color: Black
Note: Perfect for personal photos
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cordlessblower Kodak Dock Instant Color: White
Note: Flawless photos instantly
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1. Epson EcoTank ET-15000Best for Sublimation

Epson EcoTank ET-15000
Epson EcoTank ET-15000

If you are disturbed due to replacing ink again and again in your printer, then your problem is solved because this printer uses a very less quantity of ink than other printers. The ink which is used in it is also cheap. Moreover, it gives the best results irrespective of the low ink prices.

Significant Features

Performance: Epson ET 15000 printer uses Precision Core Technology to give us better results and amazing performance. It is also considered No. 1 among Supertank printers based on selling.

Quality Prints: It produces 40 million precise dots even in a second to give an extraordinary and accurate print result.

Economical: It is a well-known printer due to its economic features. It saves 90% use of ink, and its ink is also cheap compared to other printers.

High Productive: Its main tray can handle 250 pages at a time. On the other hand, a rear tray can handle 20 pages. So you can say that it is a highly effective rate among the other sublimation printers.

Easy to Navigate: Its navigation system is very easy and handy because of its 2.7-color touch screen. 

Connectivity: You can connect your mobile or other devices through direct wifi. It also does amazing work with Airprint App and Mopria. 


  • Save 90% extra use of ink
  • Easy to replace the ink
  • The effective rate is high
  • Low ink prices
  • Well designed


  • A little bit complex to use at the start
  • High printing cost
  • Expensive

Final Judgment

If you are going to start a Dyesublimation business, it is highly recommended due to its economic and other amazing features. It will provide you with a faster speed than other printers. You can use it in the market for running a business, school, or college and at home for personal use.

2. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 – Best Inject Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-2720
Epson EcoTank ET-2720

Another superb reliable Epson printer for sublimation is EcoTank ET-2720. It is well-known for its extraordinary features even at a very low price. Due to its amazing features, you can say that it is among the top best sublimation printers all the time. Most of the time, it is used for small business and office work. Most of the time, it is recommended for individual or limited persons use. You can also print on mugs, t-shirts, and many other items. This printer has 3 in one functions printing, scanning, and copying. It has a capacity of 100 sheets at a time. 

Significant Features

Quality Prints: It will provide quality prints irrespective of its low price among all the printers.

Performance: It is recommended that you use it with Genuine Epson Inks to get better performance. Moreover, it also uses PrecisionCore Technology to give better prints. 

Warranty: This comes with a minimum of two years of warranty to ensure great customer service. So anyone can buy it with confidence. It will provide you with all the functions for which you are paying.

Economical: This printer is cheaper than most printers on this list. Irrespective of its lower price, it will give you quality prints.

Connectivity: There are many options for you to connect with this printer. You can connect to it with your iPad, iPhone, and android mobile. So this makes it very easy for you to get print from it.


  • Easy to connect
  • Voice-activated feature
  • Good for small businesses
  • Have bulky plastic Cartridge system
  • Occupy very less space.


  • Has a small color screen as compared to other printers
  • Less sheet capacity
  • It do not have an ethernet connection

Final Judgement

You can get forty-five hundred black and roughly seventy-five hundred color pages by filling one set of ink. So when you find the link for one time, there is no need to fill it in for the coming two years. There are also window compartments from which you can look and take an idea of how much ink is left. It is equally usable for offices and other businesses like marketing and architecture.

3. Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550 – Best Buy Sublimation Printer

Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550
Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550

EcoTank Photo ET-8550 is a cartridge-free printer. You need to fill the ink in bottle tanks to get high-quality prints. This way, you can save up to 80% on printing costs. One set of replacement bottle inks will equal the 100 cartridges. Once you fill the ink in the bottles, you can get up to 2300 copies. Most sublimation printers have 3-4 ink tanks, but it has six different coloring ink tanks to make your print more attractive and clear. 

Significant Features

Cartridges Free: The most amazing feature this printer is known for is cartridge-free. So now you are free from replacing the cartridge again and again. To compensate for this, you have six different coloring bottles.

Navigation: It has 4.3 inches color touch screen. You can also move this screen up and down according to your requirement. Here on the screen, you will get several copying, scanning, and printing options.

Economical: The big feature of this printer is the economy. Once you fill six ink tanks, you can get 2300 copies. One set of replacement bottle inks will equal the 100 cartridges. To get the best quality and economical prints, Epson is recommended to use genuine Epson ink. Due to its economic features, you can also use it for in-house photo printing and copying.

Connectivity: It is not necessary to connect the printer to the computer. You can also connect it with a USB and memory card. It is also possible to connect it via ethernet to get more amazing and clear results. You can also get prints using your mobile device with the Epson Smart Panel app. 

High-Resolution Scanning Bed: It has an integrated high-resolution scanning bed on the top. So you can also get a copy of any document by using it. It is also possible for you to get two-sided auto printing.


  • Free from the cartridge
  • Cheaper than other printers
  • Consist of 6 ink tanks
  • Easy to use
  • Get borderless copies
  • Various options of connectivity


  • A bit expansive
  • Print speed is slightly slow

Final Judgment

Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550 is the perfect printer for home offices and creative studios due to its affordable printing cost. You can get multiple copies of various sizes by using it. It has high-capacity refillable ink tanks. You will also get black and white print using the gray ink-filled bottle. If you are new to the printing business and want to expand your business, starting with the ET-8550 printer is highly recommended due to its easy-to-use and economic features and growth in your business.

4. Epson SureColor F170 Dye-Sublimation Printer – Printing at Home

Epson SureColor F170
Epson SureColor F170

Epson SureColor F170 is Epson’s dedicated sublimation printer. So you can understand how much importance it has for a sublimation business community. You can use it for printing different designs on mugs and t-shirts. Many small and large businesses around the globe are run based on the SureColor F170 printer due to its clear and eye-catching printing quality. You can also use it at home due to its easy-to-use features. 

Significant Features

Clarity: I’m super impressed by its quality and neat prints. You will get everything clean and clear on your printed sheet, and there will not be any broken lines.

Economical: This printer also uses the Precision Droplet Control method to give less budget but quality prints. Due to this method, ink consumption decreases up to 80-90%. 

Ink Capacity: It has much capacity to store the ink in the ink tank compared to the other printers. So you will not feel the need to fill the tanks again and again.

Connectivity: You can connect almost all your devices with this printer like mobile, pc, and laptops. There is also a separate socket for USB derive and a memory card.


  • Economical due to its low wastage of ink
  • Easy to use and print any document
  • High-capacity ink tanks
  • Generate hundreds of color combinations
  • Widely used in small and large businesses of sublimation printing


  • Take 14-16 minutes during installation

Final Judgment

When you buy this printer, you will get one set of ink-free. This set included different colors black, red, blue, and yellow. There is a separate tank for each color. So when you are filling the ink, make sure that you are filling it in the assigned color; otherwise, you will not get the desired results. The capacity of the black ink tank is more than the others. The best thing about this printer is that you easily know how much ink is left. Filling the ink in this printer is very easy because I used syringes to fill the ink in a cartridge for the other printers. Which so difficult, ridiculous, and time is taken practice. I also lost a little amount of ink while filling the ink in the cartridge. Here, you stick the bottle, and it fills itself up.

5. SAWGRASS VIRTUOSO SG500 – Best Printer for T-shirts


Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 is famous and liked all around the globe due to its clear, fast, and high-quality sublimation prints. You can print hundreds of prints at a very low price compared to other printers in the market. You can create different design gifts for your friends and relative by using them. These designs you can print on mugs and also may garments items. Please select your desired image from pc and send it to the printer. The printer will print the same image on the page will different colors combination. It is also known as a business-oriented sublimation printer, and you can use it to print different images on the shirt. You can sell the sublimation sheet to the business owners of t-shirts, and thus you will be able to earn a handsome amount as a result.

The ink cartridge is not already installed in the printer. You will get it separately and install it in the printer while you operate your printer. There will be boxes of different colors that you will install before printing anything. You will also guide in which order you should embed these boxes in the printer. After this process, it will take up to 7 minutes to be able to become operational.

Significant Features

Ink Waste Collector: A waste collector installed in the printer will collect all the printer’s waste, like ink. So when it fills, vacate it and install it again. 

Warranty: To ensure the quality company gives two years of warranty. It will cover all the damage to hardware except any accidental damage and not using the Sawgrass recommended ink in the printer.

 Print Quickly: You will get all the prints quickly compared to all the other printers. It is widely due to this amazing feature. It can print 240 pages per hour which is 50 more than SG400.

Vibrant Colors: Different colors like black, magenta, cyan, and yellow are used in this printer. These colors are filled in separate cartridges and allow 687,754 color prints.

Creative Studio: You will get a free license after buying the SAWGRASS VIRTUOSO SG500 printer. This is the only application designed for all types of sublimation printers. This app makes product creation very simple and easy. After membership in Creative Studio, you will be able to get thousands of templates and designs.


  • You will get full-time support from SAWGRASS
  • A waste ink collector is installed in it
  • There is no need for wireless to use it. You can even get print by giving a command from a smartphone
  • A business-oriented printer
  • Has more durability


  • Bit noisy
  • Fast but not so super fast.

Final judgment

Now, you can run this printer from multiple computers. So, you can say that it is considered good for small businesses and to use at home. It also eliminates the use of wire. You connect it through wifi and can make it operational. This printer will provide maximum productivity even by using minimum ink and power consumption.

6. Epson SureColor F570 – Desktop Sublimation Printer

Epson SureColor F570 Desktop
Epson SureColor F570 Desktop

SureColor F570 is the first printer of Epson for sublimation printing. It is wide compared to all the other sublimation printers Epson in the market. Also considered as the most powerful and reliable printer in the sublimation community. It is very easy to load paper in it and can print up to 24 inches sheet very easily. SureColor is free of cartridges and has an ink tank for different colors. The capacity of the ink tank is also high, which will decrease the chances of frequently filling ink. You can see how much ink is left from the outside, and there is no need to rely on digital reading. The ink filling method is very easy, and you can also fill the ink by yourself within minutes.

Significant Features

Quality Prints: This printer use Precision Droplet Control and give amazing results and clarity. 

Full Backup Support: The buyer will also get full support from Epson after purchasing it. Epson helps the customer whenever needed.

Easy to Control: It has a big screen of 4.3 inches. No other printer has such a big screen in this range. So you can control everything very easily. 

Free from Cartridge: This printer is free from the cartridge and has four ink tanks that you will fill by yourself whenever needed.

High Capacity Ink Tank: It has a very high-capacity ink tank. Once you fill the tank, there will be no need to fill it again. So you can get prints for a long time after filling it.


  • Has the ability to roll the sheet by itself
  • It can be used with both Mac and windows
  • Backed by a warranty
  • Enable to use with wifi and USB at the same time


  • Bit expensive due to its large size and the promised quality

Final Judgment

You can use this printer for the small and large businesses of sublimation printing. Using this printer, you handle and complete all the bulky orders timely due to its high product quality. Epson SureColor F570 Desktop Sublimation Printer is perfect for commercial, food, and fabric items. If you want a quality printer, then you must go for this. It is also highly recommended to expand your small business and make it more productive for your large business.

7. Epson ET 4760 – Good Sublimation Printing Machine

Epson ET 4760
Epson ET 4760

Epson ET 4760 is a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use multifunction printer. It is free from traditional ink cartridges, and a super ink tank is fitted. Due to its super tank, there is no need to fill it again and again. Just fill one time and get prints for a long time as comparing other printers against it. It will save you 70% of expenses due to the addition of an ink tank in place of a cartridge. There is also a built-in scanner fitted in it which increases the quality of prints. 

Significant Features

Very Affordable Printing: It provides you with affordable printing. Many printers with the same quality and speed are more costly than it. You can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year by giving preference to it compared to other printers.

Fast: It can provide 15 sheets per minute, higher than other printers available.

Quality Output: Epson’s printers generally produce high-quality printers. The prints you get using this printer will be well-shaped, attractive, and easy to read.

Connectivity: You will get Bluetooth support, but there is also the option of wireless and other cable connections.


  • Provide trouble-free prints
  • Save time and money due to the built-in scanner
  • Provide more sheets per minute as compared to other printers
  • Affordable due to its less price
  • Free from the traditional cartridge


  • It can not scan double-sided sheets automatically
  • No option for a secondary tray

Final Judgment

Epson ET 4760 is widely used for small businesses and personal use at home. Many people around the globe are running a successful small business only by using it. It is also easy for you to control all the functions due to its 

4.3 inches wide and touchable screen. The company also provides you with a warranty to ensure the quality of the printer. So whenever you need help, they will support you as well. 

8. Epson WorkForce WF-7710 – Best for Heat Transfer

Epson WorkForce WF-7710
Epson WorkForce WF-7710

If you are looking for a sublimation printer that consumes less power but shows extraordinary results, there is no better choice than Epson WorkForce WF-7710. This printer will use 80% less power than any standard laser printer. It will scan large sheets within minutes. WF-7710can handle 250 sheets at a time, and this way, it can be productive for the expansion of your printing business. It also has a capacity of 125 sheets for the output tray. The business of design on fabric items is expanded with time. You can also use it to run the business of printing the different designs on fabric items like shirts and selling them in the market at your desired rate to earn a huge profit. It is powered by PrecisionCore technology. Epson suggests using the link, which is recommended for its printers. Using this link, you can print more sheets than using other companies’ ink. So try to use the suggested ink for better quality prints.

Significant Features

Higher Productivity Rate: You can print 18 pages in black and ten pages of color print in a minute. Which is more than most of the printers which we discussed before.

Economical: By using this printer, you can save up to 80% power consumption, but this does not affect the quality of prints.

Easy to Navigate and Handling: It has a wide 4.3″ color touch screen. So it will be very easy for you to handle all the printers working.

Connectivity: You can connect with it through wired and wireless networks and get your desired prints within seconds. Wireless printing and networking from iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, and smartphones is also possible. It also has a USB Port where you can connect a card reader.


  • Print, scan, copy, and fax two sides automatically
  • It can print borderless prints of 13-by-19 pages
  • Print all your documents in color in detail
  • You can get borderless prints also
  • It is powered by Epson’s PrecisionCore technology and shows amazing results


  • High costs per page
  • It uses a bit more ink to show quality prints

Final Judgment

There is an XL cartridge fitted in it to generate a higher number of prints. So there will be no need to replace the cartridge again and again. When you buy this printer, you will be offered a warranty. You can claim whenever you feel it is not working well. But, it is sure that you will not get into any trouble if you follow the guidelines which Epson sets.

9. Epson Workforce WF-7210

Epson Workforce WF-7210
Epson Workforce WF-7210

Epson Cutting-edge Precision Core Technology powers Epson Workforce WF-7210. Its performance is beyond the laser printers. You will get print shop quality without the print shop cost. You will get 13 by 19 inches colorful and borderless printers. It is also an economical printer with up to 80% less power than a standard laser printer. It also will increase your productivity because dual 250 sheets of paper trays. A lot of time also will be saved due to its automatic two-sided printing feature. Having 2.2 inches wide LCD provides easy navigating and control of all the functioning during your work on the printer. It will enhance your productivity by providing you with 18 black and 10 color pages in a minute. So due to this feature, you can quickly complete any official task at an office or other workplace. 

Amazing Features

High Capacity: It can handle 500 sheets at a time due to dual trays fitted in it. 

Navigation: It has a 2.2″ touch screen. There are arrows on the screen, which make navigation very easy.

Economical: You can get print-shop quality prints without the cost of a print shop. It also consumes less power than any standard laser printer.

Connectivity: There are separate ports for USB and ethernet. Also, note that no cable will be provided to you. Even you can handle all the functioning through a wireless system. 


  • Low cost per paper
  • Two large sheets drawers
  • A set of ink cartridges will be provided
  • Option of two-sided printing


  • No cables will be provided
  • A bit complicated to use for a beginner

Final Judgement

 Epson Workforce WF-7210 is known as a low-cost printer among all the printers. You will also get all the required accessories with the printer. The top of them is a set of cartridges specified for different colors. There will also be a pack of needles. You will fill the ink in cartridges through these needles. Then install these cartridges in the printer and get the desired prints. 

10. SAWGRASS VIRTUOSO SG400 – Top Sublimation Printer


As you know, SAWGRASS printers are considered good quality and result-oriented printers in the market. So this printer is also among those printers that will fulfill all your needs that you will expect from it is related to the sublimation of hundreds of products. I have personally used this printer and still do not face any issues. This printer also helps me expand my small business into a medium-level business. So if you are going to start a business, I recommend you first of all go for it. It will prove very beneficial for your business and will become a great source of generating income in no time. You can use it to sublimate different products like t-shirts, mugs, and all the other fabric products. If you are going to start the business of sublimation of fabric products, you need a heat compressor. First, you will need to print the design on a specific paper through SAWGRASS VIRTUOSO SG400 Sublimation Printer and put the shirt in a heat compressor. Now place this print page on the shirt and apply the heat which is required, and after a few minutes, you will get a fantastic print on the shirt. This printer has multiple uses. You can also use it for mugs and many other fabric products.

Amazing Features

Warranty: To ensure the quality of the printer, the company will provide a guarantee of one year. So, you can claim any time whenever you face any issue related to the printer’s functioning.

Support From SAWGRASS: You will get 100% support from SAWGRASS after purchasing the printer. So whenever you face any issue in the printer’s functioning, you can contact the license, and they will resolve all the problems you face. Suppose if the issue is not solved, you can claim your warranty.

Easy to Use: It is very easy to handle this printer, even if you are using the first time any sublimation printer. So if you are a newbie to the sublimation business, you must go for it.

Access to Creative Studio Software: This software is purely designed by SAWGRASS for its sublimation printers. Using this software, you can access and create unique designs and pictures on your own.


  • It comes with the most result-oriented ink Sublijet-HD
  • Warranty of one year with partner support
  • Very small in size, but its performance is extraordinary
  • Easy to use printer
  • Get the membership of Creative Studio Software by SAWGRASS


  • It can not print shirts of large sizes
  • Provided ink is not suitable for cotton t-shirts transfer

Final Judgment

SAWGRASS VIRTUOSO SG400 Sublimation Printer is specifically designed for the sublimation of different products, and it also proved very productive for the business community worldwide. You can also purchase it for personal use due to its tiny size. Its size is not more than a standard desktop. So it will not take up much space in your workplace but give you outstanding results compared to many other sublimation printers.

11. Canon Selphy CP1300 – Affordable Sublimation Printer

Canon Selphy CP1300
Canon Selphy CP1300

Canon is a well-known brand that is famous due to making excellent cameras. If you have a trust issue, you must go for this printer due to Canon’s popularity among people all over the world. Canon Selphy CP1300 is famous for its portable feature. It is a tiny size picture. Thus you can carry it very easily wherever you want. You will get your desired prints within seconds by using it. When you give a command to print a photo, it will take 4 rounds to publish that photo. It will use different colors to make the picture unforgettable in all the rounds. 

Amazing Features

Portable: You can carry it wherever you want due to its small size, like a laptop. 

Easy Connection: You have many options to connect your devices to connect with this printer and can get prints in no minutes. These devices included even your android and iOS mobile phones.

Easy Navigation: It has a 3.2″ widescreen irrespective of its overall small size. There are also different buttons on the top of the printer that helps you print your desired prints. You can give various commands by a screen like changing color, changing the contrast, and even cropping the picture you want to print.


  • Useful LCD screen
  • Low running costs
  • High-quality prints
  • A portable printer
  • Get prints directly via Wifi
  • It does not use any cartridge


  • Bluetooth connectivity is not available
  • Batteries are also not included
  • Less productivity

Final judgment

 I suggest using Canon Selphy CP1300 for individual use or running a small business. It is not recommended to run a larges business due to its less productive power. When you want to print a single image, it takes 4 rounds and then provides the print. So you can imagine how much time it will take when you are needed hundreds of pictures to track. So go and buy it for small businesses, and it will be beneficial for you due to its small size and easy-to-use functions.

12. Kodak Dock – Instant Photo Printer

Kodak Dock Instant Photo Printer
Kodak Dock Instant Photo Printer

Are you looking for a printer which you provide instant photos of the party and any other function? Then this problem is solved, and now you can get the print of any picture from your brilliant phone gallery. It will take around 4 rounds to print the one image. The first round will be for yellow color, and don’t panic still; there are some other rounds left. The second round will be for the color magenta, and the third round will be for cyan. In the one last game, the printer does a coating on the picture to protect the image. Finally, you will get a beautiful and clear vision.

Amazing Features

Access to Kodak App: You can use all the features available in the Kodak Instant Printer App. This app can be installed from Google PlayStore and iPhone App Store if you are an iPhone user.

Get Print via Bluetooth: You also can use it via Bluetooth. For this, check the product code at the bottom of the printer and connect with your device. Finally, you can get the prints of images you want even with a single touch.

Access Through Micro USB: It will provide you with two types of USB for android C-Type and iOS 8-Pin.You can connect your mobile phone to the printer and get high-quality images through this USB.

High-Quality Prints: This printer uses D2T2 Thermal Transfer Technology and will provide you with fast and high-quality prints.


  • Provide print of photos even with one touch
  • It is less expensive than other printers
  • Very easy to use, even for a newbie
  • Brand new design according to the requirements of the market
  • It can be charged fastly


  • It takes little time to print the picture out
  • It can be used only for the prints of small photos

Final Judgment

Kodak Dock is a photo printer suitable for work at home due to its small size. You can also move it from one place to another, like your laptop or tab. I recommend all to start creating memories with this and print photos anywhere. This product is super easy to use for people of all ages. Just buy it and make your days memorable.

Buying Guide For Best Sublimation Printers

There are many sublimation printers available in the market having different qualities. Some are good at printing, and others are good at connectivity options. Below, I will explain some important factors of best sublimation printers, which you must consider before buying a printer.

Quality of Print

The most important thing you will notice in a printer is the quality of prints because everyone wants the prints we get from printers to look clear, bright, and eye-catching. There are two main specs, resolution and color reproduction, responsible for the quality of prints. Resolution is related to the sharpness of photos. More resolution means a clean picture you will get. The resolution can be measured through dots per inch. On the other hand, color reproduction is related to the printer’s ink. So, always use the ink recommended by the company whose printer you have purchased.

Running Cost

It depends on the sense of your use of the printer. If you are running an enormous business, you will need to fill the ink again and again. So, it would be best if you went for a printer whose ink tanks have a high capacity, and there will be no need to buy colors and cartridges again and again. On the other hand, if you want the printer for personal use, go for the most economical printer. Often the printers are economical, their cost per print also be reasonable, and there will be no need to fill the ink repeatedly.

Print Speed

It is a significant factor to be noticed. If you run a large business, you will get a different task from the clients. So, to complete these tasks, you will need timely output by these printers. You will get the desired results only when the printer’s speed is high. In contrast, if you need a printer for only personal use, then the printer’s speed does not matter most. For this, you can go for any printer on the market.


When you buy any printer, you must check all the connectivity options available for that printer. Now, you can get prints even without a wire connection. A Bluetooth option is also available for some printers. There are also unique slots for SD and memory cards in some printers. You can also get the prints from your android mobile directly. Epson’s printer has more options for connectivity than the other brands. So, you can buy them without any hesitation.

Easy to Refill the Ink

You must check whether the printer you are going to buy is easy to fill or not? There are some printers whose filling is a complicated and time-consuming process in the market. Some printers can only be supplied through the needles. During the filling of this printer, we also lost some ink. On the other hand, some Epson printers are straightforward to fill, and the process is also not time-consuming. You need to put the ink bottles on the ink tank simply, and they will be served on their own.


1. Which sublimation printer is better: Epson or Sawgrass?

Sawgrass printers are made explicitly for sublimation. It has many printers that are working well. But it does not mean we ignore the Epson’s printers. They have so many options for connectivity and an easy method for filling the inks. There is also another reason that you can prefer Epson over the other printers that you can use ink of any company, but in the case of Sawgrass, you are bound to use the ink of Sawgrass, which is expensive to use.

2. Is it possible to get sublimation prints by using regular ink?

No, it is not possible. If you use regular ink, it may damage your t-shirts and all the other products for which you use it. So, whenever you need the sublimation prints, you must change the printer’s ink.

3. Which ink is best for Epson’s sublimation printers?

It is better to use Epson’s recommended ink. This will increase your productivity as well as you will get clean and clear results. On the other hand, if you use different inks, it can create problems in the printer’s running, and you will also not be able to get the desired results.

4. Which person should buy the sublimation printer?

Every person running a small and large business related to the art like fashion designers, stationery shop owners, and architects, must buy the sublimation printers. It also can be used in offices for personal use only.

5. Is it necessary to use the computer to run the sublimation printers?

No, it is not necessary. If you are running a large-scale business, it is better to use a computer, laptop, or pc. But you can also use and control most of the sublimation printers through direct wifi and your smartphones.

Final Words

All the information mentioned above is provided to you after the in-depth analysis of these printers. These printers are the best sublimation printers with respect to their features. So, it depends on you which type of printer you want and the purpose behind it. Read all the features of the printers and select a suitable printer for you in the case of budgeting, quality, and connectivity. Still, if you have any issues choosing the printer, comment below, and I will recommend a suitable printer according to your requirements.

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