Zoop App Launches New WhatsApp Chatbot for Train Food Delivery in India

Food is a top priority for travelers when they travel. We tell you what to pack in your bag, what to take with you to avoid contamination and what you can eat if the food you packed at home spoils during the trip, so it’s always delicious and satisfying. And if you’re a foodie, these thoughts are sure to cross your mind during your short trip.

The solution is based on Zoop’s Order Food in Train on WhatsApp service, which offers food delivery via WhatsApp on almost all intercity trains. The user-friendly layout allows users to quickly order their favorite train food. The ‘e-catering Whatsapp service’ option has been added to the Railways Food app to make food ordering easier. 

You can order Variety of food via WhatsApp.

Whether you want a light meal or an early breakfast, you can order food online from Zoop IRCTC e-Catering Partner at any time during your train journey.

Regional and Traditional Culinary Specialties: Every city in India boasts its own unique and sophisticated flavors and tastes. Each city has its famous culinary specialties.

Pizza, hamburgers, pasta, sandwiches, noodles and wraps are examples of frequently eaten fast food. Most train travelers opt for chicken biryani and vegetarian pulao. Rice dishes are perfect and easy to prepare while traveling. 

Thali: My favorite meal online in the train is Thali. It is available in a variety of flavors: Budget, Mini, Maharaja, Deluxe as well as vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Travelers who eat on the train love thalis because they are beautifully packaged and easy to handle.

A step-by-step guide to ordering food on Zoop by Train on WhatsApp

Food is the traveler’s concern during the journey. What to pack to avoid contamination, what to eat if the food you bring from home spoils in transit and what to pack in your suitcase to always be delicious and full. And if you eat, you will definitely think about these issues even during a short trip. Zoop’s e-meal service, which offers Order Food in Train on WhatsApp on almost all intercity trains, is the solution. 

Order restaurant food on the go using WhatsApp

Instead of the meal options previously available in long distance trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi, Food In Train now gives customers the option to order food from their favorite fast food chains. This group includes well-known companies like Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, KFC, Haldiram, Domino’s, Bikanervala and Sagar Ratna. Ordering train food via WhatsApp, wherever you are, be it at home or on the train, is a simple process using WhatsApp. Currently, over 450 stations offer this through services like Zoopindia eCatering, the authorized e-catering partner of IRCTC. With the advent of WhatsApp, any traveler can now book a train online and receive it quickly in the room. Take a seat on the train and order regional specialties from different states. 

To order food from a restaurant via WhatsApp, follow the steps below and below

Click the Hello button to start a conversation in the WhatsApp chat window.

You will need your PNR number. Search by station or train selection and enter relevant information if you don’t remember it right away.

Why use Zoop for WhatsApp?

One of the most useful apps that almost everyone has is WhatsApp. Compared to other social media networks, this messaging app offers a high level of accessibility. This is critical to your ability to complete college courses, pay bills, and connect with loved ones via voicemail, video chat, and text messaging. You can now Order Food in Train on WhatsApp through Zoop.

As you search for answers to these questions, we recommend buying groceries from a nearby merchant or stocking up on groceries for your car. However, this is not recommended as eating canteen food while traveling by train is associated with negative comments such as uncleanliness and bad taste. 

Now you can order Jain food delivery via WhatsApp

IRCTC and Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation of India Ltd. have launched a WhatsApp number through which users can book trains via WhatsApp while on the go and get real-time updates on the status of each train. Jain passengers can order Jain meals on  route by sending a WhatsApp message to their contacts using the Indian Railways WhatsApp number and mentioning the train number.