Who was Kobe Bryant’s Uncle? Know about the Former Basketball Player

Kobe Bryant is a legendary figure in basketball, and the very mention of his name conjures images of immense talent, unwavering commitment, and incredible accomplishments. Having said that, Kobe wasn’t his family’s sole shining star when it came to basketball. His uncle Chubby Cox, whose real name was John Arthur Cox III, was also a basketball star, though he only played in the NBA for a little while. Chubby Cox, an often-overlooked relative, and his basketball career are brought to light in this article. If you’re curious to know more about Kobe Bryant’s family and upbringing, you might find yourself asking, “Who was Kobe Bryant’s Uncle?”

Who is Kobe Bryant’s Uncle Who Played in the NBA?

Chubby Cox, whose real name is John Arthur Cox III, came into this world in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 29, 1955. His collegiate athletic career began at Roxborough High School and continued at Villanova and San Francisco. The reason he knows Kobe Bryant is because his sister is married to Joe Bryant, Kobe’s dad.

Chubby Cox’s NBA Career

After the Chicago Bulls selected Cox in the eighth round of the 1978 NBA Draft, his career as a professional basketball player got underway. But it wasn’t until the 1982–83 season that he played in an NBA game for the first time, with the Washington Bullets. Despite only appearing in seven games during his NBA career, Cox scored 29 points, making a lasting impression.

Beyond the NBA

Besides his little time in the NBA, Cox was a dominant force in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) between 1978 and 1981. Notable among his outstanding performances was his 1979 match against the Lancaster Red Roses, in which he scored fifty points.

Joe Bryant and Chubby Cox

Beyond Kobe, the Bryant family has deep roots in the sport of basketball. The father of Kobe, Joe Bryant, had an impressive NBA career as well. Joe and Chubby Cox’s connections show how the sport runs in their family.

Kobe Bryant’s Family in NBA

Kobe Bryant's Family in NBA

Kobe and his uncle Chubby Cox’s bond reflects their mutual love of the game of basketball. Growing up in a sports-loving family, Kobe surely looked up to Cox and other relatives for advice and encouragement.

Why is He Called Chubby Cox?

One interesting thing about Cox is the moniker he goes by. He stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall and has a slender build, but everyone calls him Chubby Cox. Basketball fans are still curious about where this nickname came from.

How Are Kobe and Chubby Cox Related?

Pamela Bryant is Kobe’s mother, and Chubby Cox is her brother. This closeness to family underscores the shared love of basketball in Kobe’s family and provides an additional source of motivation for his basketball career.

Marriage and Family

Victoria, Chubby Cox’s fiancée, was a cheerleader at the University of San Francisco. The fact that their son John is a professional basketball player further cements the family’s long history of success in the sport.

Chubby Cox’s Net Worth

According to sources, Chubby Cox is worth approximately $1.5 million. His NBA career was short, but he was wealthy and well-respected thanks to his CBA success and his part in Bryant’s basketball legacy.

Chubby Cox’s Brief NBA Journey

Even though Chubby Cox only played in the NBA for a short time, his career is still impressive. Although the Chicago Bulls drafted Cox in 1978, the Washington Bullets were the ones who got to play in his first NBA season in 1982–1983. Although his stint in the NBA was short, it served to showcase his tenacity and commitment to the game.

Chubby Cox’s Impact on the Court

Cox had respectable play throughout his NBA career, particularly in light of the cutthroat nature of the sport. His 29 points in seven games may not seem like much in comparison to modern statistics, but it showed what he was capable of and what he could have accomplished had he stayed for longer.

The Legacy Left Behind

Although his time playing at the NBA level was brief, Cox had a lasting impact on many, particularly his family. His nephew Kobe Bryant’s legendary career exemplifies how his journey inspired subsequent generations.

Chubby Cox’s Career

Even though Kobe Bryant had a longer career, Chubby Cox’s accomplishments show how talented and determined the Bryant family is. His story is one of perseverance and commitment as he goes from playing college basketball to becoming a professional player and then, briefly, to the NBA.

Chubby Cox’s College Career

Cox’s academic background at Villanova and SF State set the stage for his successful career. His playmaking skills and basketball intelligence were on display during his time at these schools, particularly when he was ranked in the top ten for single-season assists at the University of San Francisco.

Transition to Professional Basketball

Hard work and determination defined Cox’s transition from college to professional basketball, where he played for a while in the NBA and then the CBA. His story exemplifies the hardships and intense competition of professional basketball, particularly at that time.

Kobe Bryant’s Family Member

The life of Chubby Cox is about more than simply his short stint in the NBA; it’s also about coming from a family that made a big splash in the game. Cox was a member of a basketball greatness dynasty as the uncle of Kobe Bryant.

Bryant-Cox Connection

Beyond their shared love of the game of basketball, Kobe Bryant and Chubby Cox have no kinship whatsoever. This link exemplifies the power of family and common interests to encourage one another to follow their passions.

Chubby Cox’s Role in Kobe’s Life

Although Kobe’s career took center stage, his uncle Cox’s basketball journey served as a familial tie and an early source of inspiration for Kobe. The significance of familial influences on one’s professional trajectory and goals is highlighted by this correlation.

Joe and Chubby Cox

Beyond his incredible playing career, Kobe Bryant has deep ties to the NBA. This group includes Joe Bryant, the father, and Chubby Cox, the uncle, both of whom were professional basketball players in their own right.

A Family of Basketball Players

A story of basketball that spans generations, told through the Bryant family’s involvement in the sport. The deep roots of the Bryant family in the sport are evident in Joe’s NBA career and Chubby Cox’s brief appearance in the league.

Influence on Kobe’s Career

Joe and Chubby Cox’s professional basketball careers probably influenced Kobe’s goals and style of play. From an early age on, Kobe benefited from their insights and knowledge of the NBA because of their experiences there.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Teams Did Chubby Cox Play for in the NBA?

Chubby Cox played for the Washington Bullets during his brief tenure in the NBA.

2. How Did Chubby Cox’s NBA Career Influence Kobe Bryant?

As a family member who reached the NBA, Cox likely served as an inspiration and source of guidance for Kobe in his early years.

3. What is Chubby Cox’s Most Notable Game in the NBA?

While his NBA career was short, his performance in the CBA, especially the game where he scored 50 points, stands out.

4. How is John Arthur Cox III Related to Kobe Bryant?

John Arthur Cox III, aka Chubby Cox, is Kobe Bryant’s uncle, being the brother of Kobe’s mother, Pamela Bryant.

5. What Position Did Chubby Cox Play?

Chubby Cox played as a point guard during his basketball career.

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Although his famous nephew Kobe Bryant had a long and fruitful NBA career, Chubby Cox’s story is one of talent, perseverance, and the profound basketball heritage of the Bryant family. Cox is an intriguing character in the basketball annals of the Bryant family, from his time in the CBA to his brief stint in the NBA. Interestingly, when delving into the family’s basketball legacy, one might wonder, “Who was Kobe Bryant’s Uncle?”