What Is Cox Contour Box? Detailed Guide

Technology has evolved way faster than we could ever imagine. In this modern era, what people demands the most is an all-rounder and whenever you ask for an all-rounder, I hear Cox Communications.

In this guide, I will briefly explain what Cox Contour TV actually is and how it works with the Cox Contour box. Without wasting your time, let’s jump straight to the analysis.

About Cox Communications

Cox Communications has been one of the finest broadband networks in the US, it has never downgraded the quality it produces. The provider has been ranked as the 3rd largest broadband in the state so far. Cox, currently operates in 18 states but aims to expand to reach more and more people.

Cox offers 5 major services to ensure convenience for your household. 

  • Cox Internet
  • Cox Homelife
  • Cox TV / Cox Contour Box
  • Cox Mobile
  • Cox Home Phone

What is Cox Contour Box?

The Cox Contour box is the device that connects your television with your Cox subscription TV service. Usually, the box is used together with Cox TV. In addition to providing you with access to particular channels, the Contour TV box is an innovative gadget that offers an extensive range of helpful features, like DVR functionality, access to applications, and much more!

The box comes with a brilliant Voice Controlled Remote, so if you are lazy to type, you can speak what you want to watch.

Cox Contour TV — Plans 

Cox, offers various packages for the individuals so that they make a choice of what suits their house more. 


Contour TV – Starter

Contour TV – Preferred

Contour TV – Preferred +

Contour TV – Ultimate

Channels count

More than 75

More than 140

More than 170 

More than 250

Premium Channels

Not included

Not included



Voice controlled remote

YES, included





Starts with $56 per month

Starting with $99 per month

Starts with $164 per month

Starts with $139 per month

(Prices may vary across locations)

Contour TV Perks and Equipment

As a user, you should know what comes along and when talking about Cox, you should know that Cox has never disappointed the users. The provider offers features like, LIVE TV, On demand movies/content, Cox TV apps. Not just that, you can get

  • You can have Cox Contour TV Box in HD or Wireless 4K Contour, don’t worry because the price is same.
  • Contour TV Box would require a Cox Internet, so if you are not a Cox Internet user, you need to be one first.
  • You can easily record more than 2 shows, depending on your DVR plan.
  • Can watch content in 4K.
  • Easy installation
  • You can have a parental lock so that you may protect your child.
  • Voice Controlled Remote

In case if you still have any query, you can contact to the customer support.

Why Should I have Cox Contour?

TV is a source of entertainment and Cox Contour takes good care of its consumer by offering

  • Multiple channel options so that the users can choose.
  • Can access to popular streaming platforms.
  • On-Demand movies and shows
  • Access to popular music apps

As mentioned above, Cox Contour won’t operate without Cox Internet, so if you are not a Cox user, don’t worry because I’ll attach internet plans for you.

Cox Internet – Plans

Cox Internet is one of the most premium service being offered by the broadband.


Pricing and perks

Data Caps


Starts with just $49.99 per month where you can enjoy up to 100mbps of download speed.

1.25 TB


In $69.99, you can have a good speed of around 250mbps, where surfing would not be a hassle now.

1.25 TB

Even Faster

Starting with $89.99, users can have an amazing experience of 500mbps download speed.

1.25 TB


The premium arrives in $109.99 per month because of the terrific download speed of up to 1gbps.

1.25 TB

Beyond Fast

You need to check the availability as the 2gbps speed tier is still not available in most areas.

1.25 TB

Why You Should Have Cox in Your House?

Cox is always a user’s first choice, if we compare with others, yes, it is slightly expensive but the services it provides are exceptional. Cox has been a promising network having a family of nearly a million which obviously makes the network stronger.


Not denying that there are many operators who offers TV box service but if you want an hassle free service provider, then you should look up to Cox Communications. The provider has been giving advantages to the users. You have to choose whether you want your local service provider to operate or Cox!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the questions asked by users

Can I have Contour without having Cox Internet?

No, you cannot. You would require a Cox Internet package to operate your Cox Contour TV.

Is Cox available in my area?

You need to check the availability map.