What is Clothing for Umrah?

Generally, ihram clothes are considered as Umrah clothes. Wearing appropriate Umrah clothes is an essential part of performing Umrah. There is a special dress for performing Umrah. Because it is a symbol on unity and mutual brotherhood for Muslim pilgrims. Umrah clothing reduces the visible differences of uniformity and simplicity between all believers.

Umrah is not performed in ordinary clothes.it is not allowed to enter Masjid al- Haram in the holy city of Mecca without wearing specific clothing. This distinctive dress of Muslims represents mutual unity. The special clothes for performing Umrah consist of white color. It is very important for the pilgrims to wear Umrah clothes to fulfil this sacred purpose.

By wearing it, the difference between the rich and poor, the black and the white disappears. Umrah is a sacred spiritual worship that is obligatory for those who can afford it. Umrah is also commonly called minor Hajj and there are certain rituals to perform this minor Hajj. It is obligatory for pilgrims to perform Umrah rituals.

Those who wish to perform this holy act of worship can get themselves an Umrah packages all-inclusive from United Kingdom. Performing Umrah in Ramadan is very important because in this holy month the reward of Umrah is equal to that of Hajj. This spiritual worship should be performed with sincere intentions especially for Allah (SWT). It should have received more benefits and blessing than it perform. One should make his destination in this world and the hereafter easy by pleasing Allah (SWT).

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What is Ihram?

The word ihram is derived from the Arabic word Haram, which mean forbidden. It refers to the ihram need for pilgrims to perform Umrah in mecca. After making the intention of ihram, the pilgrims have to observe all the rituals which are very important for the completion of his Umrah. Putting on ihram is a sacred state of worship and purify. It is obligatory to wear ihram to perform Umrah. Some of the travel agencies in the United Kingdom also offer the Ihram as well for the Ramadan Umrah Pilgrims. Umrah in the Ramadan is equivalent to the Hajj so most of the pilgrims book Ramadan Umrah Packages for the Umrah.  Their rules are different for men and women.

Ihram clothes for Men

Men should not wear sewn clothes after putting on ihram before the sacred worship. Umrah clothing for men includes a special white garments consisting of two white smooth sheets. Rida is a small cloak that is draped over one shoulder, covering the left shoulder at all times and leaving the right shoulder naked while performing Tawaf. Izar is a large cloth that is wrapped around the waist and a strip of fabric left over from ihram is stitched. And this cloak is suitable for covering the body from the navel to the feet.  Men are not allowed to wear underwear. In addition, they should keep their head uncovered.

Ihram clothes for women

Unlike men, the rules regarding ihram are not strict for women. Women can wear any type of clothing to enter the state of ihram. However, the clothes should be neat and clean. Women are free to wear any color clothes, provided that their entire body is covered. Except for their face and hands. In the state of ihram, women often wear a white or black hijab and Abaya. Women are also recommended to wear sock in the state of ihram.

Can a woman change clothes in Ihram?

A question asked a lot on social media is whether one can change clothes in the state of ihram or not. Is it permissible to change clothes in the state of ihram whether it is a man or a woman who has to perform Umrah?  Yes it permissible for a person in ihram to change ihram clothes, it will not break ihram. During ihram, the pilgrims can change clothes if necessary. It is a sacred state that pilgrims enter before the performance of Umrah begins.  Therefore, it is permissible to change clothing for cleaning purposes or for other reasons.  

It is also better for the pilgrims to have an additional ihram stitched. After putting on the ihram clothes, it is not that the clothes cannot be taken off. This does not mean that you have abolished the state of ihram. Ihram can also be changed and if it is dirty, it can be washed and cleaned.   Many sisters who do not know about ihram. They need to know that ihram is not clothes rather the state in which you enter. Wearing anything of clothing in the state of ihram does not mean that you cannot take it off.   Changing ihram clothes and wearing other ihram clothes will not affect the ihram of Hajj and Umrah. Rather, your state of ihram will remain.  

Where to purchase Ihram

You can purchase ihram from UK. You can also search for your ihram from Saudi Arabia. You need to choose an ihram that is soft and breathable which provides immense comfort during Umrah rituals. A good quality of ihram allows you to focus on you devotion. It is important to remind you of the importance of this blessed journey at every step of your spiritual journey. The rites of Umrah performed in the state of ihram will remain an important memory for you. Al-Thaqafah Saudi Arabia has a collection of best quality ihram for Muslim pilgrimage.



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Final thoughts

Ihram is actually a uniform worn by pilgrims to perform the holy journey Hajj and Umrah. All pilgrim should understand that ihram is an essential part of performing Umrah. All the Muslims from all over the world who enter the Miqat have to enter the state of ihram.  There are different rules for men and women, the rules are not strict In the matter of ihram for women. While the rules of ihram for men are strict. Men and women should understand the correct way to wear ihram. Pilgrims should be aware of this.