How to Check Your SASSA Status – Step by Step Guide

The South African Social Security Agency also known as plays a crucial part in providing financial assistance to eligible individuals and families in South Africa or to the families below poverty line. 

If you have applied for a SASSA grant or benefit, it’s essential to know how to check your SASSA status to stay informed about the progress of your application. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to easily check your SASSA status.

Understanding SASSA

SASSA offers a wide range of social grants to South African citizens who meet certain criteria to facilitate different type of people n South african on the basis of financial status. These grants include the Old Age Grant, Disability Grant, Child Support Grant, and more.

The application process is designed to be accessible, but applicants often want to track the status of their applications to ensure a smooth and timely process.

Step 1: Gather Your Information

Before you proceed to check your SASSA status, make sure you have the necessary information on hand. This typically includes your ID number and the reference number provided during the application process. Having this information is necessary and a rule of thumb for you to see into your status.

Step 2: Visit the SASSA Official Website

SASSA provides an online portal where applicants can check the status of their applications. Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the official SASSA website. The website is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that you can easily find the information you need.

Step 3: Locate the Application Status Section

Once you are on the site to check your status, look for the section that provides information on checking application status. This section is often prominently displayed on the homepage or can be found under the “Services” or “Grants” tab. Click on the relevant link to proceed.

Step 4: Enter Your Details

In the application status section, you will be prompted to enter specific details to access your application information. This normally includes your South African ID number and the your reference number that SASSA provided to you during the application process. Make sure that you enter the information accurately to avoid any errors.

Step 5: Check Your SASSA Status

After entering your details, click on the “Check Status” or similar button. The system will then retrieve your application information and display the current status of your SASSA application. Common statuses include “Pending,” “Approved,” or “Rejected.”

Step 6: Understand the Status Updates

Each status update provides you with valuable information about the progress of your application at SASSA. If your application is “Pending,” it means that the review process is still underway. An “Approved” status indicates that your application has been successful, while a “Rejected” status means that your application did not meet the eligibility criteria.

Step 7: Seek Further Assistance if Needed

If you face any type of issues on your side or have questions related to your SASSA status, it’s recommended to contact the SASSA helpline or visit your official nearest SASSA office. The helpline is equipped to provide assistance and address inquiries related to application status and other concerns.

Additional Tips:

  • Patience is Key: The SASSA application process may take some time, and statuses can change. Be patient and regularly check your status for updates.
  • Keep Your Details Secure: Ensure that you enter your personal information in a secure and private setting to protect your sensitive data.
  • Follow Up Regularly: If your application is pending for an extended period, it’s advisable to follow up with SASSA to inquire about the delay and seek clarification.
  • If the status check for your SASSA application displays “pending bank details,” it indicates the necessity to change SASSA banking details as soon as possible.

Final Verdict

By following these steps, you can easily check your SASSA status and stay informed about the progress of your application. SASSA’s commitment to transparency allows applicants to access real-time information, promoting a smoother and more efficient application process. Remember to stay informed, be patient, and seek assistance if needed to ensure a positive experience with the application process.


Q: How can I check my SASSA status?
A: You can check your SASSA status online by visiting the official SASSA website and entering your ID number.

Q: Can I check my SASSA status via SMS?
A: Yes, you can check your SASSA status by sending an SMS with your ID number to a designated SASSA number.

Q: What information do I need to check my SASSA status online?
A: To check your SASSA status online, you’ll need your ID number and access to the internet.

Q: Is there a fee to check my SASSA status?
A: No, checking your SASSA status is free of charge, whether you do it online or via SMS.

Q: How long does it take to receive a response when checking my SASSA status online?
A: Typically, you should receive an immediate response when checking your SASSA status online.