The Essential Guide to Jet Skiing in Dubai

With year-round sunshine, warm coastal waters, and endless sandy beaches, Dubai is a water sports paradise. One of the most popular ways to enjoy the waves is by riding your watercraft known as ajetskiing. Zipping across the shimmering Arabian Gulf on a jet ski offers adventure, refreshing spray, and nonstop fun. This guide tells you everything you need to know to experience these thrilling machines during your Dubai vacation.

1.  Where to Rent Jet Skis

Unlike some destinations, renting jet skis in Dubai is surprisingly easy. Nearly all of the major beaches offer jet ski rental centers right onsite which makes for very convenient access. Two of the most popular spots are Jumeirah Beach near Burj Al Arab and Kite Beach next to Jumeirah Palm Island. Prices run from 300-800 AED per 30-60 minutes depending on the jet ski model and demand. Multiple riders can share costs by riding in tandem on crafts designed for two people. Reserving jet skis in advance is recommended to guarantee availability at your preferred time.

2.  Solo vs Tandem Jet Skis

You’ll often see two types of jet skis available: solo models designed just for a single rider and longer tandem jet skis with space for a driver in front and a second passenger seated behind. Solo craft makes sharper turns and allows more aerobatic tricks, while tandem models are more stable at high speeds with heavier loads. Tandem jet skis work well for couples, parents with kids, or groups of friends to share costs. However solo riders shouldn’t feel intimidated to ask for their jet ski either. Rental centers provide basic training so even first-timers can safely operate them alone.

3.  Jet Ski Tours

For visitors looking to maximize their jet ski experience without the hassle of planning everything themselves, organized jet ski tours are a great option. Reputable companies handle all the details so you simply show up ready to ride. Their knowledgeable guides lead groups to top spots only accessible to small watercraft while pointing out points of interest. Some tours include opportunities to snorkel, swim, or relax on secluded beaches midway through longer excursions. Packages with professional photography and video footage captured during your jet ski tour make for awesome keepsakes too.

4.  Where You Can Ride

Unlike speedboats and sailors, jet skis have relatively few rules governing where they can operate. As long as you remain at least 300 meters from shore, you’re generally allowed to roam freely. This gives jet skis the advantage of accessing shallow areas regular boats can’t reach. Many riders simply make big loops within their rental zone, but more adventurous ones head further out to explore small coves and islands. Do keep in mind all riders must return to their originating rental center so fuel limitations come into play.

5.  Basic Jet Ski Safety

Make no mistake – jet skis are motorized machines capable of reaching high speeds and flipping over if performed recklessly. However, jet ski rental centers promote safety and will provide basic operational training even if you’ve never ridden one before. This includes learning acceleration control, turning techniques, shifting body weight properly, and practicing stops. Proper usage of the kill switch lanyard which shuts off the engine if dislodged is also mandatory during initial instruction. This allows even first-time riders to gain confidence in solo models before heading out. Do follow all guidelines provided by staff.

6.  Rules of Dubai Waterways

Besides general jet ski safety, it’s critical to obey Dubai’s strict rules about operating personal watercraft around other boats and watersports zones. Causing excessive wake is not allowed so refrain from jumping waves near smaller craft. Dubai also prohibits using jet skis after sunset or before sunrise due to visibility issues and heavier boat traffic. Maintain safety margins from vessels, swimmers, and shorelines recommended by your rental operator.

7.  What to Wear While Jet Skiing

Proper attire when jet skiing helps ensure both safety and comfort across the range of speeds and maneuvers you’ll be performing. First you must wear a life jacket which rental centers typically provide, but many riders buy their own for proper fit and style. Covering up the rest of your body is also smart to avoid sunburn from intense reflection off the water’s surface. Lycra watersports shirts cool you down while blocking UV rays. Goggles protect your eyes and avoid vision issues from salt spray or choppy conditions. Securing loose items like hats under your life vest also prevents losing anything mid-ride.

8.  Best Jet Ski Riding Techniques

It takes practice to smoothly operate a jet ski just like any motorized vehicle. But mastering control using your whole body instead of just relying on the handlebars or throttle alone is extremely rewarding. Essential skills like leaning properly to tilt the craft into turns come naturally once muscle memory kicks in. Sitting down while accelerating and then rising to a standing position underway maximizes stability and visibility at speed.

9.  Top Jet Ski Photo Spots

What’s the point of an amazing jet ski adventure if you don’t capture cool photos of the experience to share online or keep as mementos? Lucky for Dubai visitors nearly every picturesque landmark from Burj Al Arab to Palm Jumeirah serves as a stunning jet ski backdrop. One Instagram-worthy view is riding with the Dubai Marina high rises behind you. For iconic architecture, playfully splashing before Burj Al Arab makes a memorable shot. Frame downtown and the Dubai Eye Ferris wheel by floating beneath them with Dubai’s towering silhouette overhead. Just make sure to secure cameras underneath life vests to safely withstand splashes.

10. Enjoying Dubai By Jet Ski

You get to see a different perspective of Dubai from the fast-paced freedom of jet skis. Cruise by the ritzy hotels and condos lining the coast at high speeds locals drive. Feel the sensation of endless open water around you that’s rare in a congested city. Pull up to tiny islands accessible only by small craft to enjoy seclusion away from the bustling beaches. Many tours even make stops for swimming and snorkeling opportunities most visitors to Dubai never realize exist just offshore.


Jet skiing across Dubai’s pleasant winter and springtime waters appeals to thrill seekers and casual riders alike. With luxury rental outlets located conveniently right at all major beaches, getting out on a jet ski for high-velocity fun takes little advance effort. Just secure your rent jet skis Dubai in advance if visiting during peak seasons, wear appropriate gear for safety and comfort, and then prepare for the ride of a lifetime