Best Sublimation Papers for Mugs, T-Shirts, and Epson Printers (2024)

Are you interested in starting the sublimation printing business, but do you face problems selecting the best paper for your printer? If yes, then you are in the right place, and I will guide you in detail about best sublimation papers. A person with a printer must know that to run a successful sublimation printing business. You can not rely only on printers and ink. The other thing which is required most with both of them is paper. So, must be conscious about paper and select it wisely.

Choose the sublimation paper for your printer to make your business more profitable. Also, finding the best sublimation paper is difficult because the market is stuffed with various types of paper. Due to these hurdles, sometimes you purchase low-quality paper, which is equally dangerous for your printer and the whole business. After observing all these issues of users, I decided to provide a detailed guide on sublimation papers. I discussed the top 10 best sublimation papers below in detail. So, after reading this article, it will be easy for you to select the perfect paper, and thus your work will be productive.
Top 10 Best Sublimation Printers Reviews

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A-SUB Sublimation Paper

Koala Sublimation Paper

List of 10 Best Sublimation Paper

Image Product Details   Price
backpac A-Sub Sublimation Paper Color: White
Note: No fracturing, Fast dry
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backpac S-RACE Sublimation Paper Color: Standard
Note: Suitable for polyester-coated surfaces 
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cordlessblower Hemudu Tale Sublimation Paper 110 Sheets Color: White
Note: Only Compatible with INKJET printer
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cordlessblower Sublimation Paper – Heat Transfer Paper 100 Sheets Color: White
Note: Suitable for Cotton content<30% Light colored or White polyester fabrics
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cordlessblower Koala 150 sheets Sublimation Paper Color: White
Note: Only Compatible with Inkjet printer, and must use sublimation ink
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cordlessblower A-SUB Sublimation Paper 4×9.5 Inch Color: Standard
Note: Compatible with all inkjet printer which match sublimation ink
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cordlessblower Tonha Sublimation Paper 8.3 x 11.7 Inches Color: White, Pink
Note: Life time warranty and 30 days UNCONDITIONAL money back guarantee
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cordlessblower Sublimation Paper Size 13×19 Inches Color: White
Note:  Life time warranty and 30 days UNCONDITIONAL money back guarantee
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cordlessblower MECOLOR Sublimation Paper Color: White
Note: Ultrafast 30-second drying time, transfer rate≥98%
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cordlessblower HAYES PAPER CO. Sublimation Paper Color: Transparent
Note: It can be used on Ceramics, Glass, Jade, Metal and Plastics
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1. A-Sub Sublimation Paper

A-SUB Sublimation Paper 8.5x11 Inch 110 Sheets

A-Sub sublimation paper is known among business owners for its best quality output. This paper is specially designed for injecting printers, considered the best for magnificent prints. There will be 110 sheets with the size 8.5 x 11 inches on the rim, and you can say that this is the best size for text or images on any paper.

Some Significant Features

Drying Time

Drying time, observe keenly while you are running the sublimation printing business. It also has a significant effect on the success of your business. If the drying time of the paper you are using is not good, it will be challenging for you to complete the customer’s tasks on time. If you have to face any problem in previous sentences, you must go for this printer, and I’m sure you will not find more fast drying paper than it.

Quality Polyester

It is practical and recommended for polyester to have 30 percent of cotton. If the cotton is more than that, you must use an iron with heat transfer.

Perfect Size

A rim of A -Sub sublimation paper consists of 110 sheets with the size 11×17 inches, which is considered perfect for Epson printers. Due to this ideal size, you can print on various things like mugs and shirts.

Widely Used

Due to its high quality and outstanding results, this paper is used almost for all products. There will be hardly any product in the market whose sublimation is impossible with that printer. So, you must go for this paper without any delay.


  • Cannot be torn up and change its shape easily
  • It gives clean outputs
  • Can be use with all sublimation inks
  • Having good drying rate


  • Can be used only with the material having cotton of less than 30 percent

2. S-RACE Sublimation Paper

S-RACE Sublimation Paper 8.5 x 11 inch, 100 Sheets

Are you looking for sublimation that will be perfect in all ways? If yes, then you
are in the right place. S-Race sublimation paper is designed by using the latest technology of papers. This is the reason behind the trust of people in it. In this Package, you will get 100 sheets of the size 8.5×11 inches. A white box will also be present in the Package, full of directions on how to use it.

Some Significant Features

Quality Material

S-Race paper is perfect for polyester-coated things like wood, glass, and metal. The surface of the article is also coated; that is why it is considered ideal for skateboards, glass, and mobile covers. If you already used several papers and did not get the desired results, then you must give a chance to this paper and get the desired results.

Fast and Easy Dry

This paper has an advantage over many papers based on this feature. The dry speed of this paper is outstanding and does not take more time compared to many other papers. Having a paper of high dry speed is necessary to minimize the workload; otherwise, you will be stuck in your work.

High-Quality Photos

You also have an extra option to use this printer with inject printers and thus get high-quality photos. This way, you can save pictures of all family functions as well.


This printer helps less consume your printer’s ink and gives the best result. Thus you can say that it is more economical than the other papers.


  • It cannot fade after printing due to its quality surface
  • Can be used for many works due to its quality results
  • Have wide applications
  • Good for printing all types of colors
  • Can be used for photo printing by using all inject printers


  • Still no con is identify for this printer

3. Hemudu Tale Sublimation Paper 110 Sheets

Hemudu Tale Sublimation Paper 13X19’’

No shop in the market has no stock of Hemudu Tale Sublimation Paper due to its high demand and quality output. It will be at the top among the list of best sublimation papers. Anyone who wants the results immediately must add this paper to your list. This will minimize the burden of your workload and will save you from facing many problems.

Some Significant Features


This paper is compatible with various inject printers. Its size, 8.5×11 inches, makes it perfect for many printers and thus provides the ideal results to the users.

High Performance

One can not deny the high performance of this printer. Its fast drying features and high transfer rate give you exceptional outputs. It uses less ink and significantly less quantity for quality print and thus saves your money.

Wide Applications

Suppose you are curious about knowing the application of this paper. In that case, your curiosity will end by reading the following sentence. Tale sublimation paper can be used for many purposes like mobile phone speakers, pads for mice, and pillows.


  • Easy to use
  • Has a wide range of applications
  • Compatible with various inkjet
  • Suitable with polyester
  • It is durable and doesn’t fade with time


  • Sometimes papers are jammed but you will not face this issue most of the time

4. Sublimation Paper – Heat Transfer Paper 100 Sheets

Sublimation Paper Heat Transfer Paper 8.5x11 inch A4 130 Sheets

Are you looking for a paper that provides you with perfect print on your mug and is helpful in the expansion of your business? Then this problem is solved because I’m going to introduce you with a high-performing sublimation paper named, “Sublimation Paper – Heat Transfer Paper 100 Sheets”. This paper is best for mugs, without any doubt. For your better understanding, I like to explain this through several points, which are given below.

Some Significant Features

Good Compatibility

This paper is useable for many printers available in the market, like Epson and Sawgrass printers. You will get 100 sheets in a single pack of these papers, and the size of each sheet is 8.3 x 11.7, which is considered a good size.

Quality Paper

You will not find a single person who raises a question or has any doubt about this paper’s quality. Various owners of sublimation printers appreciate them for their durability and fast drying rate. The text embeds in different materials by using this paper will be easy to read. This paper also uses less ink for the sublimation printing and provides marvelous results.
Easy to Use

The usage of this paper is straightforward, even if you are new in the field of sublimation printing. The only thing you have a little experties is finding the design you want to print. Finally, give a command to the printer, and all the others will be done by the printer automatically.

Wide Range of Uses

There are many gadgets and things on which you can print your desired design or text by using this paper. At the top of the list of those things are T-shirts, mousepads, and mugs.


  • The drying rate is very fast
  • Very easy to work by using these pages
  • It will provide you with water-resistant sublimation
  • Highly recommended by the people which are attached to the sublimation printing business
  • Compatible with the printer of all companies which are producing printers for sublimation


  • This paper is jammed in the printer sometimes but not on regular basis.

5. Koala 150 sheets Sublimation Paper

Koala Sublimation Paper 150 sheets 8.3x11.7 inches A4

Few paper companies provide a high number of paper like Koala Sublimation Paper. You will get 150 sheets in a single pack which is very high compared to sublimation-providing companies. The sheet size is 8.3 x 11.7 inches, which is ideal for A4 prints. This paper is packed with fast dry speed and a high transfer rate.

Some Significant Features

Easy to Wrap

This paper is thin and easy to wrap. Due to this feature, you can imagine how much easy to use it. Primarily it is used for the printing of mugs.


The Koala Papers pack comes with 150 sheets and is less expensive than the other papers, even with less page quantity. If you want to expand your business by earning more profit, then you must try these pages.

High Clarity and Correctness

Most customers complain about the ink leakage on the papers they are using. But you will not observe any ink bleeding after printing on that paper. Thus you will get neat results with high clarity.

High Ink Compatibility

Koala 150 sheets Sublimation Paper is fit for all types of ink and will give you outstanding results. So, now there is no need to worry if you have regular ink recommended by the companies like Epson or Sawgrass.

Wide Applications

It is recommended to use it on materials that have less than or equal to 30% of cotton in it. Also, try to use it mainly with material that has a light color for getting outstanding results. This paper can be used for socks, mugs, mobile cases, and many other things.

Easy to Use

The usage of this page is handy. Your work is only to put the page in the printer and give a command from a computer or any other device to which your printer is connected. The printer itself will do all the other tasks, and you will get a quality image on the paper. Then embed it on the material like a mug.


  • Can be used for creating unique homemade gifts
  • Does not bleed the ink
  • Can be used with any regular ink
  • A large number of sheets as compared to its competitor papers


  • The downside is that it is only compatible with the inject printers

6. A-SUB Sublimation Paper 4×9.5 Inch

A-SUB Sublimation Paper 4x9.5 Inch

Are you looking for a best sublimation paper superior to many papers due to its fast dry quality? If yes, I will introduce you to A-SUB Sublimation Paper 4×9.5 Inch, representing this quality. It is highly result-oriented paper and can be used to sublimate items like jugs, glass, mugs, and many other household items.

Some Significant Features

Amazing Quality

It is designed with the 15 material, known for its user-friendly features. You will also get some extra silicone papers with the bundle of A-Sub Sublimation Papers, which are supportive to save the heat press from becoming filthy.

More Compatible

There is no need to buy expensive inks to run your sublimation printer. You can use this paper with any ink and can get outstanding results. This way, your expenses to run a printer will decrease, and this will be helpful for you to generate more revenue if you are running a business as well.

Various Applications

A-SUB Sublimation Paper 4×9.5 Inch includes 100 sheets in a bundle. It can be used for various items due to its ideal size. It is hard to find an item that can not be sublimated through this printer. Those items are metal plates, mobile phone cases, and ceramics.


  • The transfer rate is higher than its competitors
  • Can be used for the sublimation of almost all materials
  • Dry and soak up the ink very fast
  • At the top of papers due to its durability features


  • It is a bit expensive compared to other papers but the quality did not compromise

7. Tonha Sublimation Paper 8.3 x 11.7 Inches

Tonha Sublimation Paper 8.5 x 11 Inches 120 Sheets

The Sublimation Paper 8.3 x 11.7 Inches paper is the best-known printer for large items like shirts, handbags, pillows, and other fabric items. It also can be used with materials of small sizes but is recommended for large-size items.

Tonha Sublimation Paper is popular among the sublimation business community. Due to this popularity, there will be hardly a shop in the market with no paper stock. So, don’t miss the opportunity to get desired output by using it. To get better results, it is recommended to use a white or light polyester shirt with cotton content equal to or less than 30%.

Some Significant Features

Not Regular Ink

There is no need to waste money on the printer’s recommended companies. You can also use this paper with any ink at a low price. This way, a lot of money will be saved.

Mirror Printing

By mirror printing, you can make your print more amazing. This printer can also be used for getting mirror prints as well.

Save Money

Tonha Sublimation Paper uses a 98% ultra-high transfer rate, which minimizes your cost with less ink usage. Moreover, the results which you will get are amazing. Like the paper dry fast, no color fading detected, and many more.

Easy to Use

You will also receive instructions written on a performa while purchasing these papers. Your work will be easy when you follow and implement these instructions. Some of them are to choose the white side of the paper for sublimation printing, set the ideal temperature for the specific item, and wait for only 10 to get amazing results.

Compatible with All Inject Printers

This paper is compatible with all types of injecting printers; this compatibility. You can design and get thousands of gifts for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and other events.


  • You can design various gifts at home by using this paper
  • Best for the sublimation of t-shirts
  • Easy to use
  • Mirror printing is also possible with low expenses
  • It is not necessary to use only regular ink


  • Still, no cons were detected and the paper is working well for me

8. Sublimation Paper Size 13×19 Inches

Printers Jack Sublimation Paper 13 x 19 inches 100 Sheets

Is your business about materials that can be sublimated only by using large paper? If yes, then your problem is solved because I’m going to introduce the paper whose size is 13×19 inches, which is higher than all the papers described above in the article.

Sublimation Paper Size 13×19 Inches is not only famous for the size but also for the attractive color which we get on this paper. It also helps the users in getting fast printing. Thus you can save a lot of time if you choose this paper.

Some Significant Features

Vast Applications

This paper can be used with every item, small or large, like shirts, mobile phone covers, and mugs.

Fast Printing

It is highly recommended to use this paper if you need fast printing. It will take very less time and give you the results. Due to this feature, your customer will also satisfy and thus, your business will come very soon.

Handy Use

It is very easy to use Sublimation Paper Size 13×19 Inches. All the instructions will be provided to you for good results, like how many minutes wait for the paper while printing the paper by commanding from the printer. Then for how much time do we need to put it on the shirt and press by heat press.

Recommended For Shirt Lovers

If you like to wear shirts with amazing designs, then there is no better option than that paper. You need only a few minutes to get the marvelous design on your shirt. So, you can do this even in your house.


  • Can be used at home
  • Can be used for almost every item
  • Recommended for getting high-quality prints and designs on the shirts
  • It is less expensive than other papers
  • You can purchase various sizes of this paper from the market


  • Still, no con is detected

9. MECOLOR Sublimation Paper

MECOLOUR Sublimation Paper 110 Sheets Heat Transfer Paper

Are you in search of a high-performance best sublimation paper? If yes, let me introduce you to an amazing and high-performance printer for the last 10 years: MECOLOR Sublimation Printer. It is so popular among the people that it does not lose its market value even for a single day for the last 10 years. Due to its high demand, no shop in the market does not have a huge stock of this paper.

You will see it at the top whenever you list the papers based on their performance. There are also many other reasons for buying this paper. The details of these features are listed and explained below one by one.

Some Significant Features

High-Quality Paper

This paper is made of high-quality material. Due to this quality, you can get more points with less ink consumption. This paper also detected no issue with the picture’s cracking and fading.


Most prints disappear in no time, so we draw on different materials. There are several reasons behind this, and one is low-quality paper. When using this paper, you will not face this issue and will witness the durability of MECOLOR Sublimation Paper after using it.


This paper is compatible with all inject printers like Epson, Sawgrass, and Ricoh. Moreover, you can also use any ink and can get positive outcomes.


The prints you will get on this paper have huge clarity and make it easy to recognize all the text and design on the paper.


  • Can be used with every inkjet printer
  • Suitable for getting different colors on paper with clarity
  • Provide fast printing service which is impossible for most of its competitors
  • Give colorful prints without any fear of disappearing in the future


  • Not too good for the purple color

10. HAYES PAPER CO. Sublimation Paper

Hayes Paper, Waterslide Decal Paper INKJET CLEAR 20 Sheets

Sometimes the customers give up on using paper due to its availability in only one size. But I’m going to introduce HAYES PAPER CO. Sublimation Paper, which is available in all sizes in the market. This makes your work easy, and now you can handle and complete any work. You can also cut the design with scissors, but it is not always required.

Moreover, you will get 110 sheets per pack, which is enough if you use them only for personal use. Using a roller to remove the link from the shirt surface is advised before placing this page on the heat press.

Some Significant Features

Mirror Printing

Some pictures look more amazing when we apply the mirror command to them. So, it is advised to check the mirror design before printing.


You must go for this paper if you are tense due to workload. It will help you in completing the projects of hours within minutes due to its fast drying feature.

High Transfer Rate

No other paper will give you a transfer rate more than HAYES PAPER CO. Sublimation Paper. It uses microporous technology, so you will get a 99% transfer rate and help reduce the messing up in the picture.

Vivid Colors

This paper is famous due to its vivid and vibrant color appearances. Thus everything can be recognized and read after sublimating in on the desired material.


  • Can be used for various materials like photo frames and mouse pads
  • Mirror Printing is possible
  • Can be used regularly and in other inks without facing any issues
  • Most of the time there is no need to use the scissor
  • The transfer rate is high as compared to its competitor papers


  • Sometimes leave scratches on the paper but they are not easy to recognize

Consider the Factors While Buying the Best Sublimation Printers

Now it becomes very difficult to select the best sublimation papers according to your workload and requirement. Users face this issue because of many papers available in the market. As you also know, every paper has pros and cons, like some papers are good quality-wise, some are available in all sizes, some have high transfer rates, etc.

All the upper mentioned episode creates so much confusion in the mind of users that it becomes difficult for them to decide on purchasing a sublimation paper. There are many factors that we must consider before purchasing a paper. I have listed some factors are listed below. You must read these factors so that you can able to make a wise decision about purchasing a printer.

Quality of Color

The color quality of a paper plays the main role in the expansion and success of your business. Every person wants to see colorful effects on materials like mugs, bags, pillows, bed sheets, and mobile phone covers. Many papers cannot produce desirable results based on color, and if you go for these even mistakenly, you will lose your time, money, and trust of the customers.

So, choose the paper wisely. Try to choose those papers on which things are sublimated and should not be dull and fade shortly. Also, make it possible that these prints should be recognized easily.

Drying Time

Drying time is also the main factor you must consider before buying the paper. Suppose you are running a business at the macro level or need the work urgently, then it is only possible if the paper you are using has a high dry time. This also helps you complete your project quickly and without facing any embarrassment from clients.


If the paper you are using for sublimation purposes is not durable, your customer will not be satisfied. As a result, your business will affect badly. So, always go for the paper, which has high durability features. It should not be like today; we design the print, and it starts fading tomorrow. Try to choose those sublimation papers whose prints remain permanent and would not be faint over time.

Transfer Rate

It is also necessary to consider and check the transfer rate of a paper before buying it. The transfer rate is responsible for the clarity and quality of the image you design on anything. Make sure the transfer rate is 95% while purchasing the page.


It is very important to check the compatibility of the paper you want. Suppose you go to market and buy a paper that is not compatible with your printer; then, it is useless for you. Many sublimation papers available in the market can be used with almost all printers. Also, ensure that the paper you purchase is compatible with all types of ink because most of the time, regular ink is costly.


After reading all the information provided to you above, I’m sure all your confusion about sublimation papers is resolved. Now you can distinguish them based on different factors and will be able to select the paper according to your requirements. Still, if you have any confusion about Best Sublimation Papers, you can ask me in the comment section. I will try my best in helping to resolve your query in no time.


What is the Best Sublimation Paper?

In my opinion, the Best Sublimation Paper is the paper that fulfills all the needs of users. It should have high durability, transfer, drying, and other factors necessary for quality sublimation printing.

Is it possible for me to use a regular page for sublimation?

No, it is impossible to use a regular page for sublimation purposes because it cannot hold the ink. Thus we can not get the desired results. So, always go for the papers which are specified for sublimation printing.

Case I use any ink for sublimation?

Yes, you can use any ink for sublimation purposes irrespective of the ink recommended by the companies like Epson and Sawgrass. Sometimes, we did not recommend those inks due to their high cost.

Is it possible to use a sublimation page again?

No, a sublimation can not be used again. So, if you get a print using one paper, you must go for the other page.

Does the thickness of the paper impact the sublimation?

Yes, thickness has a major impact on the sublimation of paper. The paper can be folded easily, making it difficult to get the desired results. So, the page you will use should be slightly thick.